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  • Ideal for use under a shirt or a dress for minimal visibility of garment, pouch and hernia 
  • The medical device are to be used at all time during daily living and during activities at home, at work or when attending hobbies or sports activities     
  • Designed like normal underwear
  • Maximum Support garments are designed for hernia management, when the maximum level of support and compression are recommended and preferred
  • The medical devices can be worn all day and if preferred and tolerated at night as well. 
  • A parastomal hernia can cause additional inconvenience to the patient, such as leakage, pain, intestinal blockage, reduced mobility and affected cosmetic appearance leading to dislocation
  • Abdominal hernias can cause significant pain and discomfort and this product can prevent and relieve these inconveniences
  • Sewn in cotton terry gusset in the crotch
  • Knitted in one so there are no seams that bother

Low model especially suitable for a hernia or a stoma placed below the navel


Fixation of an ostomy pouch and/or support of a hernia to prevent protrusion of the abdominal content and to retain the reduced hernia within the abdominal cavity.


Users with a colostomy, an ileostomy, or an urostomy. 


For post-surgical use after construction of a colostomy, an ileostomy or an urostomy. 
For management of parastomal- or other abdominal hernias.
For use with both 1- and 2-piece systems.


General Performance Characteristics

  • 4-way stretch: Increased freedom of movement and supportive fit
  • Breathable: Air permeable and moisture absorbing
  • Seamless: The device is seamlessly knitted in one piece

Specific Performance Characteristics

  • Densely knitted upper part for support of a hernia and abdominal muscles
  • Knitted in soft and comfortable material
  • Lower part in soft flexible knit for easy putting on and taking off
  • Silicone anti-slip pattern in the waistband securing that the device stays in place
  • Contributes to a more harmonious body contour 
  • Ostomy pouch safely fixated during physical activity
  • Relieves dragging sensation from hernia

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