The right pants matter


We know that any pad is only as good as the pants holding it in place and we are the experts when it comes to developing and finding the best continence care pants.

Let us help you optimize your assortment of incontinence pants - we are certain we have the pants to match your requirements and optimize your business. Our bespoke range of continence care pants are developed in close co-operation with healthcare professionals and users to design more effective solutions that also address user needs with respect and understanding. As a result, Tytex Continence Care products not only work extremely well at managing incontinence - they´re also comfortable, discreet and easy to maintain.

We would love to help your business with selling, developing or manufacturing high quality incontinence solutions. Please contact us should you wish us to help you in your efforts to bring incontinence garments to market. Fill out the form below should you wish us to contact you or find the right contact person at the Continence Care division of Tytex.







Customisation Important

We understand that finding the right continence care garment can be a difficult and overwhelming process - use situation, quality, reusability, disposal issues, costs, MOQ and terms of trade are all important factors. That's why we're here to help you develop, manufacture and bring to market your very own customised continence care garments. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to businesses, brands and hospitals worldwide.






Leveraging a Wide Variety of Factors

At Tytex A/S's Continence Care Division, we leverage our in-house, large-scale production facilities, supply chain management insight, procurement expertise, deep yarns and textiles expertise, textile design and packaging capabilities, medical compliance and regulatory knowledge, as well as extensive user experience insight to make highly customised solutions based on your unique needs, desires and wishes.

We believe that everyone deserves access to the optimal continence care solutions, which is why we work tirelessly to provide our customers with top-of-the-line products and services. We are passionate about improving the lives of those who use our products, and we are committed to making a positive difference in the world.

With our years of experience and our commitment to quality, you can trust us to provide you with the best continence care garment solutions on the market.

So why wait? Contact us today and let us help you transform your business, brand or hospital by providing you with the customised continence care garments you need to succeed!





The textile will adapt to the body shape at all times ensuring that the product will provide the necessary compression needed for recovery, as well as the best possible comfort at all times during prolonged wear.

Targeted compression and fixation


Targeted compression and fixation means that our products are designed to provide the necessary compression and fixation exactly where needed. By controlling compression on the wound area, the healing process advances faster and patient comfort is hightened. The compression zones are specially designed into each product based on indication.

Seamless knitting


For optimum healing, the surgery site needs rest. That is why our products are designed to guarantee no seams in the wound or scar area and at any other critical sites of the applied area. This provides maximum skin friendliness and prevents pressure marks, as well as irritation of skin and tissue.

Fact-based sizing


When it comes to medical textiles and post-op garments, no size fits all. That is why we base all our sizes on three parametres; statistical body knowledge, comfort stretch measurements and extensive knowledge and experience with the combination of knitting methods in different materials. The combination of these 3 parameters defines our size defintion, ensuring perfect fit at all times.

A Deep Understanding of the Important Factors of Medical Garment Design Make Us Able to Customise Your Garments


At Tytex's Continence Care Division, we understand that every patient is unique and has individual needs. That's why we have put a great deal of effort into providing customisation possibilities for our customers. Our commitment to customisation is driven by our in-house R&D team, which is dedicated to evidence-based innovation and body-size science.

Our R&D team is equipped with an efficient stage-gate system, which ensures that all our products go through a thorough development process before they are launched in the market. 

This process includes rapid prototyping, where we utilize our dedicated knitting capacity to quickly produce prototypes for testing and feedback. We have a team of skilled textile engineers and designers who work closely with our R&D team to develop products that meet our customers' unique needs.

We also have regulatory, quality and compliance competencies, which ensure that all our products comply with the relevant regulatory requirements and quality standards. We have deep medical competence and experience, which allows us to develop products that are medically effective and safe. Our competencies in raw material enable us to use the best materials to manufacture our products.

At Tytex's Continence Care Division, we are committed to providing customised solutions that meet our customers' unique needs. Our strong in-house R&D team, evidence-based innovation, body-size science, efficient stage-gate system, dedicated knitting capacity for rapid prototyping, skilled textile engineers and designers, regulatory, quality and compliance competencies, deep medical competence and experience, and competencies in raw material, all contribute to our ability to provide customised solutions for our customers.


Both our own regularly conducted customer satisfaction surveys and the supplier satisfaction surveys of our customers show extremely high satisfaction rates for all our hospital garments and textile products.

We are proud to announce that our claim rates - CPM < 0.57 - are among the lowest in the market. Our customer feedback is also partly thanks to our excellent delivery time. All partners express great satisfaction with our ability to deliver in the agreed quantity, on time. We are looking forward to working with you, and improving your business the same way we have already improved many others'.

We constantly urge our customers to rate us in order for us to improve our quality and service offerings. 

A Tried, Tested and Proven Process


Looking for a safe and proven process for developing customized medical garments? Look no further than our unique business concept! We specialize in developing and strengthening your business, starting from your current state and building up from there.

Our process ensures a predictable, controlled, and timely approach to the development of your customized garments. We closely follow and document every step from ideation to implementation, ensuring the highest level of quality and adherence to all timeframes.

With our approach, you can be confident in the safety and efficacy of your garments, as well as their fast development and speedy entry into the market. This competitive advantage is based on our three-stage gate model, which includes corrective feedback loops on alterations to existing products, as well as new models and prototypes in various sizes and colors. We also conduct thorough evaluations of samples to ensure that every garment meets our rigorous standards.


Contact us today to learn more about our proven process for developing high-quality, customized medical garments that will help your business grow and thrive!


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